Silicone Gun Oil Lubricant 250 ml - Airsoft - Air Rifle - Paint Ball 100% Pure
Silicone Gun Oil Lubricant 250 ml - Airsoft - Air Rifle - Paint Ball 100% Pure
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Carbusonic Airtron 250 Silicone Air soft Oil  
Suitable for all Air soft, Paint ball, Air rifle and armament applications.
Large 250 ml
Lubricate with Carbusonic Airtron Silicone Oil every 3000 shots to maintain accuracy and prolong the life of your gun.
Great lubrication for-
**Fill valve
**Flow valve
**Release valve
**Slide nozzle
**Blow back chamber
**Hop up chamber
**Slide frame contacts

Directions For Use
Step 1 For all guns remove magazine and disassemble
following your manufacturers guidelines for your specific model.
Step 2 Before you lubricate your gun, please check the slide for any debris, dirt, fluff , excess lube build up or any foreign objects. This is usually the case if you use your gun in outdoor dusty environments.
Clean up with rag or brush first.
Step 3  After your pre clean its time to lube your gun, apply small amounts of Airtron to the slide rails and frame
Use lithium grease on Hammer
Step 4 Apply silicone oil to blow back assembly, apply a few drops to the inner piston and blow back chamber
Step 5 Like your primary, your hop-up bucking and inner barrel need to be cleaned and free from dirt and oil.
Remove and clean with warm soapy water, ensure it is dried .
Step 6 After you have run a cleaning rod through your barrel you are now ready for more lubrication to the magazine 
with syringe add a few drops of silicone oil into the magazine do this every 3 fills
ensure you oil magazine seal as well with silicone oil.

Can be used on Gas ports in non blow back guns
(Do not use wd-40 or solvents or petroleum based oils on any air soft O rings)

Carbusonic Ltd are recognised suppliers of cleaning formulations to THE ROYAL NAVY AIRCRAFT HUSBANDRY AND CORROSION CONTROL TEAM
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