Leather protection stain guard cream conditioning balm with added leather aroma
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Leather protection stain guard cream conditioning balm with added leather aroma  

Leather Protection Cream with scented leather aroma. Professional Quality Premium Product Made in the UK
leather protection cream is a safe water based barrier cream which will protect your leather items and furnishings
by preventing body oils, sweat and fluids penetrating the hide which can cause premature cracking, peeling, discolouration and ageing.
This product is particularly good at protecting areas such as head rests, arm rests, steering wheels, jacket cuffs and collars, handbag and brief case handles.  
*Provides advanced barrier protection*
*Makes further cleaning much easier*
*Helps to prevent pigment migration from clothing*
*Adds a barrier to prevent Pen and Felt tip damage*

Suitable for Sofas, automotive interiors, clothes, handbags, shoes and Equestrian Tac and saddles.
APPLICATION- Rub a small amount into leather item in a circular motion.
Leave to dry and soak into surface.
Buff up to activate Protection cream.
Apply a second coat for a more glossy shine.
Not suitable for Suede or Nubuck (see our other products)

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which will give added protection by cross linking polymer chain strands to add a tough top coating layer.
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