Leather finish, top coat polyurethane scuff & scratch resistant Matt finish.
Leather finish, top coat polyurethane scuff & scratch resistant Matt finish.
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Leather finish top coat matte polyurethane scuff & scratch resistant leather finish. 

Have you a scuffed, worn, scratched or faded leather item, or you would like a colour change? then this product is for you please read on.
Leather finish top coat polyurethane scuff & scratch resistant leather finish is formulated to seal base coat colours to leather surfaces
which will give added protection by cross linking polymer chain strands to add a tough top coating layer.
Available in Gloss, Matt and Satin finishes.  

Carbusonic ltd introduce The Leather Colour Doctor polyurethane leather dye colourants are water based and so are non harmful and non hazardous. Spray and sponge friendly so they’re extremely easy to apply, almost the same consistency of water, easily sprayed through any spraying equipment without causing blockages. The polyurethane leather dye Colourants have been designed for colour restoration and colour change jobs so the pigment addition is very high allowing them to easily cover leather without the need for lots of applications. 


1- Firstly fully dry your base coat colours.

2- Spray, Pad or sponge a first light coat, leave to dry or use a hair dryer to speed up dry time.

3- Add further coats with a sponge or for a smoother look use an airbrush until desired depth of finish is achieved.

4- When dry a conditioner can be applied to the top coat Gloss or Matt to give a lustrous sheen.( see our leather conditioner range) if you are just repairing a small scuff the dye is all you will need. 

All our colours have a Pantone reference simply type into your browser the Pantone number and a swatch colour will be seen. (eg Pantone 102) we can match any colour for you

Most importantly our polyurethane leather dye is capable of resisting scuffs and scratches. The PU leather dye Colourants are extremely hard wearing and will not scratch unless very heavily forced.
Water-borne aliphatic, aromatic, polyester and polyether urethane polymers are fully reacted, high molecular weight, colloidal dispersion’s that are available in a wide range of solids, hardness and gloss ranges. Polymers are polyurethane dispersion (PUD) that can be cross-linked with conventional water-borne cross-linkers to enhance protection properties. The line of 1 K polyurethane dispersion’s provides protection properties typical for cross-linked polymers without the use of external cross-linkers. All polyurethane dispersion technologies are easy to handle, readily applied using all conventional techniques, and are compatible with acrylic emulsions.

Polyurethane dispersion technologies are used in both commercial and industrial applications in many market areas. Coatings for wood, masonry, roofing, direct-to-metal, automotive interior, breathable sportswear and graphic arts are just a few of the markets served.

Whether an application requires abrasion resistance, adhesion, water resistance, solvent resistance, rapid hardness development, flexibility, softness of hand, hydrolytic stability, durability, humidity resistance or any other specific performance property, Product capabilities are constantly analysed to enhance polymer properties for specific applications, old and new. The leather colour doctor only sell first class polyurethane dispersion’s with new nano tech pigments.
Colours available are black red blue green brown orange purple grey orange we can match any colour.
Supplied in 50 ml 250 ml  500 ml - 1 litre 5 Litre containers.
The leather colour doctor

Always test first underneath the item you are treating.  

Another Carbusonic ltd quality product.