Eco solvent flush clean up solution wide format ink printer heads, lines 1 Lt
Eco solvent flush clean up solution wide format ink printer heads, lines 1 Lt
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Eco solvent Flush Clean up solution Solvent ink Flush 1 Litre A General Purpose Solvent Ink Printer Cleaning
 - Flushing Solution. Piezo Heads, Lines,Capping Station Eco Solvent Wide Format banner printers. 
Available in 5 litre and 25 litre sizes
Disclaimer Take Care When Cleaning Heads Always Test First
 Read Your Printer manual First Before Any Cleaning Takes Place Use As Product Intended Only.
Regular inspection and cleaning of your printer will ensure consistent top notch print quality. 
 Clean the heads , wipers, and cap tops (the small assembly that supports the head when it is not active). 
Wipe any excess ink off the platen and make sure there is nothing impeding the path of the media.
 We recommend that d printers be maintained once a week. So spend 10 minutes a week cleaning your printer.
Cleaning solution for whatever ink you are using in your printer.
 Once a week, inspect your print heads and clean them with a foam swab soaked in cleaning solution.
 You can see ink build up disappear and your heads return to pristine condition.
 Please remember never to use a swab to rub the bottoms of your print heads,
 only the sides where the ink has built up. Let the wipers clean the surface of the head 
How many remember what the wipers are?
  Wipers are the single greatest asset you have for clean print heads. 
 Too often we hear complaints of print head ā€œfailuresā€ or print quality issues, 
only to find that the wipers on the printer have never been changed. 
 Cleaning your print heads with a  wiper that is covered in dried ink,
 dog hair, and carpet fibres is like cleaning the wind shield of your car with a greasy squeegee. 
Change your wipers early and often.
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