Ultrasonic cleaning offers several advantages over conventional methods.Ultrasonic waves generate and evenly distribute cavitation implosions in a liquid medium.The released energies reach and penetrate into crevices, blind holes and areas that are inaccessible by other means of cleaning.

The removal of contaminants is consistent and uniform regardless the complexity and geometry of the part being cleaned.


SPEED cleaning usually completed in minutes
LABOUR Tremendous labour savings over conventional methods
CHEMICALS use lower concentration safer chemicals also no need to use low foam surfactants can be totally non toxic!

Dos And Don’ts

Do Degas fresh solution first, run tank up to temp for 15 mins or fill the night before failure to do this will result in poor cavitation.
Do not used distilled water it has no nuclei to form sonic bubbles.
Do use hot or heated water 60 Degrees is average.
Don’t Chuck items into bath place them slowly.
Don’t agitate item or move item about.
Don’t remove item in and out leave alone during cycle.
Don’t over crowd tank.
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